Things to do before Changing YouTube Channel Name

There are a few things that you should do before changing your YouTube channel name. But before going further I must say this is not a good idea. You see changing the YouTube channel name is not a big thing but after that, there are many significant things happened that you can avoid after reading this post. That is why you should spend some time deciding your first YouTube channel name. So let’s find out what steps you have to take before changing your YouTube channel name.

1. Consider the Impact on your Existing Brand

If you have already built up a significant following under your current channel name, changing it could confuse or alienate your audience. See building a YouTube is not easy and if suddenly you change the name it will severely impact your brand authority. So keep in mind this before changing the name.

2. Think about SEO

If your channel name is closely tied to the content you produce, changing it could affect your search ranking on YouTube and Google. This adversely affects your video rankings and view counts. That’s why if you want to change your YouTube channel name then change it in the early stages.

3. Check for any Potential Legal Issues

Make sure the new name you choose isn’t already being used by someone else or infringing on any trademarks. As YouTube takes these legal matters very seriously.

4. Consider the long-term

Choose a name that you think will still be relevant and appropriate for your channel in the future.

5. Communicate the Change to your Audience

Let your viewers know about the change in advance, and consider creating a video explaining the reason for the change. The audience is the main source from whom YouTubers generate views and ad revenue, that’s why you should consult or take advice from your audience before deciding to change the YouTube channel name.

6. Update your Social Pages

Once you decide to change the YouTube channel name you should also change the names of your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

7. Update your Affiliate Links

Similar to social pages you have to update your affiliate links too. Because the new YouTube channel name may not fit with the old name. Consider updating them before changing the name on YouTube.

8. Think about the YouTube Handle

Now youtube has introduced Handles to identify each and every channel. If you are changing your channel name then pick a name whose same handle name is available. Because if someone has taken that handle then you will not be able to choose that.

These are the most important things that every YouTuber keeps in mind. But there are some other things that you should consider before changing the channel name such as:

  • If you have a verified channel, you will lose your verification status when you change the channel name. You will need to reapply for verification once the change is complete.
  • If you have a branded channel, consider how the new name will affect your brand identity and messaging.
  • Keep in mind that changing your channel name will also change the URL of your channel. Make sure to update any links or references to your channel on any external websites or social media profiles.
  • Think about the searchability of your new channel name. Will it be easy for new viewers to find your channel when searching for relevant keywords?
  • Check the YouTube Community Guidelines and make sure that your new channel name does not violate any rules or policies.

Finally, I must say choose your YouTube channel name wisely after giving it proper time and pick a name that highly represents your niche.

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