How you Know If Someone Changed their Whatsapp Number

Today, WhatsApp is the most useable social messaging and file-sharing app in the world. So, it is very important to understand WhatsApp. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you know if someone changed their WhatsApp number.

This also explains why you might be surprised one day when you open WhatsApp to find something strange with one of your frequently chatting contacts.

You might notice that the user’s profile picture and other aspects of their account have vanished.

The last seen or online status will not appear in the messages you send and will only have a single tick.

So, let’s find out how to will know if someone has changed their WhatsApp number.

Know If Someone Changed their WhatsApp Number

There is no issue if you see the message we just discussed. But if you don’t see the message, the user didn’t tell you about the change on purpose.

Your messages will only have a single tick and never reach the “delivered” status in this scenario. All other user information, including the picture, name, and about, will disappear. Neither the last seen nor the online status will be displayed either.

However, the aforementioned signs may also indicate something other than a new WhatsApp number. If the person has blocked you, you might notice these signs. Alternatively, their account might have been deleted.

So, how can you tell the three different scenarios apart and figure out if the person has changed their phone number?

Checking WhatsApp Contact List

There is a way to rule out the possibility of being blocked if you are unsure of the reason why you are unable to message someone.

Just go to the contact list inside WhatsApp and look for their phone number there. Tap the Chat cloud icon in the lower-right corner of the Chats tab, and then use the search bar to type in the person’s name or phone number.

If the person’s name has an Invite button next to it, there is no WhatsApp account associated with that number.

So, this is how you’ll know if someone has changed their WhatsApp number.

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